Baška - Krk

Baska is the most famous tourist center on the island of Krk and one of the most desirable destinations on the Adriatic. Connected with the mainland and the airport with Europe, Krk and Baska are destinations that can be reached easily and quickly! Baska is one of the most desirable tourist destinations on the Croatian Adriatic. Baška’s position has enabled uninterrupted growth and prosperity. It is far-known for its nearly two-kilometer long pebbly beach stretching practically across the bay. In the immediate vicinity there are 30 more pebble beaches which make it a very desirable bathing destination.

Baska can offer an excellent active vacation and offers fun for all generations. Because of the natural and climatic conditions in the area there are high rocks that are a real pleasure for rock climbing enthusiasts, cycling, hiking. Fantastic MTB destination. Mountain bikers will certainly come here because the Baska itself offers attractive uphill and downhill on MTB trails, Road trails, hiking trails, and macadamatic and stone roads through the interior with beautiful views of Velebit and the surrounding islands. Several tracks begin near the apartments.


Portafortuna is the popular peninsula in Baska. It is located between Draga Baščanska and Punat. The season lasts from March until November. Near the apartment there is a parking space, from which it takes about 20 minutes to the wall for climbing.

You climb at all rocks at your own risk. We recommend that you take care of the good climbing equipment for your safety, and do not forget the helmet. There is a lot of light and medium-heavy directions, so climbing is ideal for beginners and less experienced climbers. In area A, the rocks are short and intense, over thirty meters long, equipped with INOX expander wedges. The rocks are hidden in the shade, so climbing is not too hot in the middle of summer. Experts recommend that climbing always wears a helmet, as they may occur.

The climbing area is on steep terrain, and to reach the desired rock, I had to go on all four and be particularly careful not to slip. There was not much room for changing shoes under the rock and because I was still a beginner, maybe it was not the best first impression. However, from the moment I started to climb, I changed my mind. The rock was perfect. When I climbed to the top of the rocks, it was a beautiful view. For a few moments, I kept my eyes open in the distance. Then I took a deep breath of this flavor of freedom brought by the conquest of the top of the rock.




Bicycle route:
Zarok-Draga Bašćanska
Track length: 11.1 km
Total climb: 157 m
They ride on macadam and asphalt pavement.
The trail is intended for beginners, recreation and families with children.

MTB Cycle route:
Moon trail
Length of track: 24 km
Total climb: 690 m
They ride mostly on the road, the macadam trail and the 3 km long asphalt road.
The MTB route is technically demanding.

Portafortuna track:
Track length: 11 km
Total climb: 327 m
Driving on macadam and single track trails.
The MTB route is medium to technically demanding.


Baška proudly presents itself with 30 beautiful, clean beaches, which are accessible on foot or by boat. Baška town had issued a declaration, to maintain order and restore clean beaches.

Vela plaža: One of the longest (1800m) and most beautiful beaches in Baška, is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by numerous restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, bars, hotels, campsites and private apartments. On the beach you can rent a variety of beaching devices such as surfboards, beach umbrellas, deck chairs, pedal boats, motor scooters, etc. This unique, pebble beach, was the first official open swimming area on the island of Krk, and therefore also the main reason for the development of tourism in Baška. Even today is considered, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic.

Beach in the bay of Bunculuka: Smaller, and a little less dressed version of the famous Baška beach is located in a nudist camp Bunculuka. On the sideline, at the end of the beach is also known Bunculuka climbing area. If you walk from the campsite along the coast further in, you will discover with many more wonderful small and large bays with crystal clear water. 

The beach in the bay of  Vela Luka: In the bay of Vela Luka there is a beautiful beach, you can arrive from Baška by taxi boat, or go for a hiking adventure and at the same time experience some great hiking.  On the beach there is a restaurant Pečenjara, where you can refresh yourself or can hire deckchairs, umbrellas or little pedaling boat. However, you can also order a taxi – a boat that will take you back to Baška.

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